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Motorhome Storage Tips that Minimise Heat & Humidity

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Motorhomes frequently appear in large numbers in campgrounds and resorts across the nation as summer approaches, escorting hikers and tourists from interstate to national parks. Holidays and bringing your motorhome out of storage are both appropriate during this time.

However, not everyone will be using a vehicle to get around. Or, even if they are, they might not be going outside very often. This summer, if you aren't travelling with your motorhome, it's likely to be parked in a garage or some other place. Depending on where you live, the summer months bring sweltering temperatures. Your cherished vehicle may sustain damage as a result of the combination of those temperatures and the sun's ferocious beams/vicious rays.

How then do you protect your vehicle from harm? View these seven crucial recommendations for storing your recreational vehicle in hot weather.

Tips for Storing Your RV in a Hot Climate

In all weather, your RV needs to be protected from the outside, but it's especially important while storing it in a hot climate where UV rays are a concern. To protect your car in hot weather and make sure it's ready for use the next time you travel, you can take specific steps. Let's begin right away.

1) Clean and Wax the Exterior

You should thoroughly wash your motorhome and give it a thick layer of wax to protect it from the sun. Any abrasive filth or grime that can wear down the surface will be eliminated by cleaning the car. The wax will seal the surface, keeping water from collecting and enhancing the surface's ability to reflect UV rays.

2) Use an RV Cover

If you're not storing your motorhome indoors or in a special motorhome storage facility, a motorhome cover might offer the best protection from solar damage. A cover will shelter your car from UV rays, same like clothing protects you from sunburn. Make sure the RV cover is UV resistant, permeable to prevent the formation of mould and mildew, strengthened in vulnerable areas, and equipped with zippered access doors to provide the highest level of protection.

3) Use window Covers

Your motorhome's furnishings and dashboard are exposed to stifling heat and sunlight. The dashboard or upholstery may break or fade with prolonged sun exposure. You should therefore use solar window covers inside the vehicle in addition to totally covering it.

4) Regulate the humidity

The wood and other components in the motorhome may dry out and crack due to the intense heat in arid locations. To guarantee that the air inside your motorhome has enough moisture if you're keeping it in a dry area, leave a bucket of water in the centre.

On the other hand, too much moisture in a humid environment can cause mould and mildew to grow inside your motorhome. If you live in a humid area, spread sachets of charcoal or silica gel throughout the vehicle to absorb the additional moisture in the air.

Open all cabinet and closet doors to ensure that the humidity is distributed evenly throughout the motorhome or to prevent humidity from building up in specific locations.

4) Open the vents

To guarantee enough circulation throughout the motorhome and ward off mould and mildew, keep your rooftop vents slightly open. They should have adequate openings to let in air while keeping water out. Dust may be present when you pick up your vehicle, but that's preferable to a bleached couch or damaged table.

5) Drain the Holding Tanks

Any holding tank with standing water can foster the development of mould, mildew, and algae. Ensure that the grey, black, freshwater, and water heater holding tanks have all been completely drained before storing the camper.

6) Empty and clean out the refrigerator

Any holding tank with standing water can foster the development of mould, mildew, and algae. Ensure that the grey, black, freshwater, and water heater holding tanks have all been completely drained before storing the camper.

7) Add Fuel Stabiliser

If you plan to keep your motorhome in storage for more than a month, you must add a fuel stabiliser to the fuel. By stabilising the fuel, engine issues due to fuel deterioration are avoided. After adding the stabiliser, start the engine and generator to make sure it has distributed throughout the entire fuel system.

As a result, while some people may need to remove their vehicle from storage for the summer, you may need to pack yours. You may leave your recreational vehicle in storage knowing that it will be found in the same condition you left it in now that you know how to store it during warm weather.

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