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Health Benefits of Growing Trees

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We all know the general rule that trees are beneficial for us and the environment as a whole. But do we know the specific benefits trees provide for us?

A green environment with maximum trees and plants is known to be immensely advantageous. With the advancement of the corporate world, the cutting down of the forests to set up industries and factories has significantly destroyed the earth’s environment. It is because a lack of trees and plants on earth leads to an imbalance in the ecosystem.

Every year there are numerous programs and drives to plant as many trees as possible. Organizations conduct seminars each year and hire arborist Northern Gold Coast to provide the public with the importance and value of trees for the environment.

In the article ahead, we are going to list down a few health benefits of having maximum trees planted in our environment.

  • Trees Provide Your Body with Fresher Air:

Trees and plants are the main contributors of oxygen in the environment. It occurs when the trees and plants work on a process known as photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is how trees make food for themselves. However, a part of this process is producing oxygen as a by-product. The procedure involves trees and plants using carbon dioxide and sunlight to create nutrients for their activities. It is the reason why the mornings feel so fresh and clean.

Humans cannot survive without oxygen. Also, the right amount of oxygen in the air means healthier living. Trees do us a favor by providing us with our most necessary element without which we cannot imagine surviving. Therefore, having the maximum number of trees and plants in your atmosphere would mean healthier breathing and living.

  • Trees Help Conserve Water:

It may not be a well-known benefit, but it is true, trees help save water. Long, thick trees provide massive shade. Remember stopping under a tree to take some breeze when you felt the sun was scorching you up? The trees provide shade in the sweltering heat.

Consequently, due to the canopy, trees reduce the amount of water evaporated from the environment because of the excessive heat. The smaller plants and vegetation would also lose water less frequently when planted under the shade of more significant, taller trees. By providing shade to the overall surface, trees help reduce water usage.

Water shortage is an international crisis. All over the world, people have been adopting water conservation techniques to save water for the human race in the long-term. Planting trees is an effective way of water conservation.

  • Trees Clean the Air of Pollutants:

Apart from providing the atmosphere with the required oxygen, trees have one more feature that aids in enhancing the air quality. Trees clean the air of harmful pollutants that can be detrimental to health. The feeling of having fresher air when standing near a forest is real and actual. It is because trees suck in harmful gases such as nitrogen oxide, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, ozone, etc.

Trees also have a natural built-in system of absorbing odors. Plants act as an air filter by trapping little polluting particles from the air inside their leaves. It is this reason that trees and plants are crucial for the atmosphere as they help in providing us with cleaner air and a better natural environment.

  • Trees Ease Anxiety and Depression:

It has been backed by science that trees and nature help in alleviating stress and depression. A stroll in the park or a trip to the beach when your mind is stressed out helps in reducing some of the tension and strain. Going out and connecting to the mother nature has been recommended as an effective method of tackling anxiety in this fast-paced world.

Going out into natural surroundings will have an immediate effect on your nerves by calming them down. Therefore, a maximum number of greenery and trees should be planted in neighborhoods and localities to help people lower down some of the levels of anxiety.

  • Trees Increase Human Lifespan:

In a study conducted by researchers in Canada and the U.S., it was concluded that trees have an effect of increasing the human lifespan. The research happened over an 11-year period in which the researchers analyzed a total of 1.3million Canadians.

The research found that people who lived in regions that had denser vegetation and greenery had a lower mortality rate as compared to individuals who lived in areas where there were no trees and plants. The study included in the analysis the number of shrubs, plants, vegetation, and trees within 250 meters of a person’s house. A discovery was made through the study that keeping all other variables constant, living in a greener area with more trees, you had a 10% lesser chance of dying.

  • Trees Cool Down Localities:

Trees are an immense aid in cooling down the environment. They create a canopy that provides shade and prevents sun rays from hitting the sidewalks and roads. As a result, trees act as a natural air conditioner. It is beneficial for people who are severely affected by scorching weather, such as children and the elderly. A lead scientist for global cities at the U.S. Nature Conservancy, Rob McDonald, is known to say that trees play an essential role in maintaining lower temperatures. During the summers, trees cool down the environment by an average of 2 to 4 degrees, which can be very helpful in reducing heat-strokes and heat burns.

  • Trees Reduce Symptoms of Asthma:

In research conducted by Portland State University, researchers found that people living in a neighbourhood with a higher number of trees and greenery showed lower symptoms of respiratory issues. It links to the feature of trees cleaning the environment of nitrogen dioxide, which is a harmful pollutant in the air.


Summing it up, trees play a vital role in the environment. Trees provide numerous health benefits and are natural cleaners of the air and atmosphere where we live. Cutting down of trees and forests is a global dilemma today, and protecting the greenery and trees is crucial to maintain a healthier environment in the long-run.

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