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Why Australians Should Consider Registering their Companies in China

  • Written by News Co Media

Are you an Australian interested in running a business in China? If the answer is ‘yes,’ you are on the right track because China has become a global economic hub. The country adopted economic reforms that started in the 1970s, and the jurisdiction is now overflowing with potential. In this post, we will look at the main benefits why you should register a company in China as an Australian entrepreneur.

An Abundance of Skilled Talents

The Chinese professionals are highly talented and competent. Every year, Chinese universities and colleges produce millions of skilled workforce, and you can count on them to build an innovative team. It is also worth noting that bilingualism is on the rise and many Chinese are able to speak both English and Mandarin.

As an Australian entrepreneur, you can rest assured that China will always have enough labor for you even if when dealing with advanced technology or complex production processes. Only in rare cases will you need to import labor to China.

Numerous Opportunities for Growth

As an Australian entrepreneur, there is no doubt you are always looking for every opportunity to grow your enterprise. By registering your company in China, you will be opening your enterprise to a plethora of opportunities both in the country or the entire Far East. Here are some of the opportunities to consider:

Partnering with other businesses in China to grow your network faster.

Exporting products to other countries abroad.

Using bilateral agreements that China has signed with neighboring countries to grow your business reach.

Supportive Business Environment

One unique thing about the Chinese administration is its pro-business policies. For decades, the Chinese administration has focused on creating a business ecosystem that not only attracts new businesses but also supports them to thrive. Today, both rural and urban areas have an abundance of resources that your business needs to grow.

To help pull down the cost of doing business and get more support, you might also want to open your enterprise in one of the country's free trade zones. Here are some of the free trade areas that you should consider:

Shandong Pilot FTZ.

Heilongjiang Pilot FTZ.

Yunnan Pilot FTZ.


The growth that you can see in China over the last four decades is largely driven by political, social, and economic stability. These three components are very important for guaranteeing a viable business environment. They not only make the market predictable but also allow businesses to strategize more effectively. 

In China, the sky is the limit. The benefits we have listed above are only a few of what to anticipate after opening a company in China as an Australian entrepreneur. However, it is important to appreciate that more entrepreneurs across the globe are also planning to go there. Therefore, you better craft a good strategy to outdo them.

Remember that the first step of taking advantage of these benefits is registering a company in China. Consider working with an agency to help you complete the registration fast and more conveniently. An agency will also help you navigate through the Chinese market, especially during the early phase of establishment.


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