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How Copper Foil Business Cards Can Grow Your Success

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If you operate in the corporate world, you’re probably well aware that business cards remain a vital part of engaging with colleagues and forging new opportunities. Although social media and smartphones also make it easy to connect, there’s nothing as straightforward as an elegantly presented business card featuring the correct contact information.

But if you’re trying to open up professional possibilities with a fresh business card, it needs to stand out from the rest. This is because research has found that 88% of business cards are thrown out within a week, while 72% of professionals judge a person based on their business card's quality. However, the rise of copper foil business cards ensures you have the power to capture the attention of whoever you hand it to.

Business Cards Represent You

Copper foil business cards can be hugely influential for people who work in the kind of industry where money and prestige are highly valued. If you want to present a sophisticated image when communicating with powerbrokers in your industry, having a business card that says the same thing is a clear way to get across the message. Studies have revealed that it’s possible to increase business by 2.5% for every 2000 cards handed out, so ensuring you hit the maximum conversion rate can generate a host of new business opportunities.

With foil business cards available in finishes ranging from gold and silver to copper and emerald, the metallic materials are applied to high-quality paper stock via heat resulting in a stunning business card. As foil can be applied to text or images with an embossed, debossed or surface-level texture, there’s no shortage of design possibilities to reflect your style.

Stand Out From The Crowd

As the vast majority of business cards are quickly forgotten, making a sharp impression is key to attracting the kind of business opportunities that will take your career to the next level. With a foil business card, it’s possible to accentuate your company or personal logo with a subtle shine that sticks in a decision maker’s mind. Although plain white designs still have their place, they simply won’t stand out with the same power as a copper foil business card.

In the same way that you can highlight your company logo, you could also choose to emphasise your contact details. If you want to give yourself the best chance of expanding your corporate network, stressing the importance of your phone number, address or email could lead to a conversion in the future.

Don’t Forget Your Audience

Throughout the design process, remember to keep your audience in mind. For example, a charity handing out foil business cards could give the wrong impression to people who are considering whether they should donate to your organisation. However, people who appreciate luxurious items might be particularly influenced by a memorable foil business card.

In any case, it’s important to find the right balance with your foil business card. Although you want to create a striking product where foil draws attention to specific information, you want to avoid appearing garish. Think about how a copper foil business card will represent your brand and personality while serving as an essential marketing tool and you can’t go wrong.


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