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How to Lease Out Commercial Office Space for Businesses

  • Written by Emily Lamp

What is the main reason why you would want to own any type of commercial property? To generate an income from it. When it comes to the office space for rent, there is a need for you to start by doing your homework before you can place the “for rent sign” outside it.

For you to find the right tenant, there are a few things that you will need to do to ensure that your property is ready for rent. Use the tips below to learn what is a commercial office space.

Come Up with the Right Rate Terms

All savvy homeowners know the importance attached to pricing their homes correctly, especially when they are planning on selling the homes. The same case applies when it comes to leasing commercial office space.

If you are not careful, you will soon come to learn that nothing is costlier and time-consuming than to overprice the commercial office space for rent.

Underpricing will also not help. As such, you will end up losing money if you over/under price the rates. To determine what the going rate is for commercial office buildings in your area, consult other property owners in your area.

Property owners whose buildings are already occupied will easily guide you on how to go about pricing the office space. As you ask about the rates, make sure to also inquire on how they have structured their leases.

Do they use full-service leases where the rent for that space covers all expenses such as janitorial and utility services? Or are the clients looking at leasing commercial office space required to pay for these services separately?

How long do the tenants prefer to pay? Do they charge per day, week, month, or per year? when it comes to Class B and C commercial spaces, most clients will prefer to have a full-service lease.

The reason for this is that tenants are easily able to budget for the service in question. Additionally, they are not required by the owners to put up deposits for services and utilities. The bottom line here is that ensuring that your lease terms and rates remain attractive can make a difference in determining how long they will stay unoccupied. Also, remember that the longer they stay without a client, the longer you stay without an income.

Make the Office Space Look Good

Talking of making things look good, any realtor will tell you free of charge that a good looking location helps attract clients looking for an office space for rent.

Often, you will find that there is room for you to make some improvements to its exterior. Improvements regardless of how minor they may appear help to elevate the building’s curb appeal.

Clients, both future and current all want to work in a location that looks good. A building that they can all take pride in its beauty.

For the interior, prospective clients may be provided with an allowance that they can spend on making improvements. Especially if space isn’t in great condition at the moment.

You could also have them choose the carpets they want to be installed or paint they would like applied on the walls. Both of these conditions will apply to clients looking to lease the rooms for a lengthier duration.

For tenants that are only interested in leasing the commercial office space for rent for a short duration, the best option is to make sure that the rooms are in great condition. This way, you will not need to make improvements every time a new tenant comes calling.

Opt to Go with a Professional

Working with a professional who is well acquainted with this area can help make the process proceed much more smoothly. In some locales, posting a ‘for lease sign’ outside the building will quickly get you, tenants. But in other markets, you have to do more than simply advertise the space. In addition, a commercial real estate agent like National Property Buyers Brisbane often has access to tenant contacts, databases, and relationships with other agents. All these combined ensure that the rooms never lack tenants. 

About the Author

Emily Lamp is a professional writer, working closely with many aspiring thinkers and entrepreneurs from various companies. She is also interested in technology, business growth and self-improvement. Say hello to Emily on Twitter @EmilyLamp2.


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