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Tammy Hembrow Launches Mini Saski In Time For Mother's Day

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Australian fitness expert and influencer Tammy Hembrow has launched her first children’s clothing range, Saski Mini, and Unisex tracksuits TODAY in time for Mother’s Day this Sunday.


The must-have range is exclusively available from Saski Collection, TODAY, Wednesday (May 6), for children aged 1-4 and adult sizes are XS to XL.


Tammy is one of Australia’s biggest influencers, with over 11 million followers on Instagram (the rest are Hollywood A-listers) and over a million on YouTube – platforms she has leveraged to promote her health and fitness brands.


As one of the first Australian brands to harness the audience reach of Tik Tok successfully, Tammy has engaged Tik Tok stars and other influencers with tens of millions of followers to wear the tracksuits.


Addison Rae Easterling, the sixth most followed person on the platform worldwide with a whopping 35.7m followers, and her mum Sheri Easterling (5.3 million followers), donned matching tracksuits to perform an 18-second Tik Tok dance clip (attached). Below is a list of other people who have posted wearing them.


Isabella Laws, General Manager of Saski, says targeting influencers is one of their key marketing strategies, particularly ahead of a new collection launch to help generate interest. 


“Tik Tok has more than 800million active users in more than 141 countries around the world, and now with the enforced isolation courtesy of Covid-19 there will be more people on it more often, so it is a marketing tool that cannot be ignored,” she says.


“One of our main goals this year was to make an impact on Tik Tok as it opens up a whole new market for us with both influencers and younger audiences.


“It works hand in hand with astute influencer seeding as people have to wear clothes in their video and in today’s climate, it makes sense to wear activewear.”


Saski Collection is already a major player in the fashion space, thanks to the likes of J Lo who was spotted wearing it for her Superbowl rehearsal in February, but is only one of a few Australian businesses embracing the Tik Tok platform.


Tik Tok stars who have been spotted in Saski’s recently released ranges, Pink Hues and Blue Hues include:


Daisy Keech: 4.7 MILLION on Tik Tok


Abby Rao: 1.3 MILLION on Tik Tok


Mariah Amato: 1.3 MILLION on Tik Tok


As well as Saski Collection, her fitness app, Tammy Fit, is a raging success. The app download numbers for the past month are 37,1000 – that’s 107% increase on the previous month – and workouts have more than doubled since lockdown began. 


Other influencers wearing Saski include: 


Yris Palmer and her daughter and niece posted a 3 swipe photo (linked below). 

Yris has 754k followers on instagram and is one of Kylie Jenner's best friends.


Skye Wheatley and her son and boyfriend posted in the unisex and kids tracksuits.

She has 625k followers on instagram.


Gracie Piscopo and her son and boyfriend posted in the unisex and kids tracksuits.

Gracie has almost 911k followers on Instagram.

Her partner also posted on his instagram


Michael Finch was our first male influencer to post in the unisex.

He posted on both Instagram and Tik Tok. Michael has almost 600k on instagram


Shani Grimmond posted with her boyfriend in the unisex.

Shani has 1.4 million followers on instagram


Lydia Bakarat and her daughter posted in the unisex/kids tracksuits.

Lydia has 1.3 million followers on instagram


Em Davies and her partner Jake posted in the unisex tracksuits.


Samantha Rayner has posted twice in the unisex tracksuits. She has 695k on instagram.


Barbara Kristoffersen


Maxine Wylde


Ali Blakey


Tomikah Jenkins


Saskia Jenkins


Gemma Lepre


Amy Hembrow


Emilee Hembrow

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